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This space is for you if

you are a driven human that is ready for change and wanting a guide that will keep me accountable and make the soul work FUN!

  • Are you are someone who is ready to take back control of their life, and isn't afraid to put in the work?

  • Are you are someone who is ready to take back control of their life, and isn't afraid to put in the work?

  • Are you are a multi-passionate human ready to find focus and alignment

How often have you found yourself in the company of these time thief beliefs?

The fraud, the perfectionist, the procrastinator, the people-pleaser

These bastards and more of their annoying friends are the most common-time thieves I've found in my life and countless others.

When I was able to move past the fear and overwhelm that these time thieves brought on I found more time. 

I was able to get more things done at home. I was able to find my voice and start showing up in my business. I had more time and money to invest in myself. And hell, we planned our COVID wedding in 3 months 

Kindness Drives Change and in this course, we are bringing the change to our calendars 🙌🏼

By the end of this course, you will have

 ✅  a plan for the start of 2021 that aligns with your goals, energy and resources 

 ✅  more confidence in your business hours knowing that you trust yourself and your system

 ✅ the confidence to see your time thief and turn to your self=caring rhythm to keep your grounded

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What people are saying

Mindful Time FOREVER


Before I used the mindful time tools I was always anxious when I woke up because of all of the things that I had to do. Honestly, I usually couldn't sleep because of all the things! But after taking this course I was able to find my gaps and bring more mindfulness in. I was able to set my own business hours and have been able to get more done in 3 months with KDC that I did in a whole year on my own.

I was able to mindfully move through a massive career change without losing confidence in myself & my choices.


Between group coaching calls, journal jams, and 1-1 sessions, kdc has helped not only my business but me on a personal level as well. She has perfected the balance between a coach, teacher, and mentor, while always working with you to progress towards your goals. With kdc's guidance & support, I was able to mindfully move through a massive career change without losing confidence in myself & my choices. I cannot recommend kdc enough & I encourage you to make the investment in yourself by choosing to work with her. You won't regret it.

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How will you spend your time as the world reopens?

Join us as recommit to kindness in our calendars.

What you'll find on the inside

  • Community of support

    Inside this platform, we will have a private community for just us. It will be a place for us to ask questions, vent when we need to, encourage and meet with one another.

  • Workbook and downloads

    Level up your planning game with the materials provided in every module of the course. Find clarity by doing the work and creating new supportive habits.

  • 1:1 support

    Need to ask more questions, talk things out. Reach out and get 1:1 support from KDC

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Mindful time makers 🧲

    • secrets to more time

    • Mindful Time

    • Emotional Investigations

  • 3

    Thieves of time 🗑️

    • Mindless multi-tasking

  • 4

    Shake our Time Makers 🦚

    • lesson 1

  • 5

    Time toolbox 🧰

    • mindful time meditation

    • Circle of Control ☯️

    • Time Blocking & Batch Working

    • Big Feelings Blueprint

  • 6


    • Soulful Entrepreneur Digital Summit (recording)

When you enroll during the special you'll get a few extra perks including:

  • 6 weeks of Mindful Time Modules

    Showing you how to create mindful habits and self-caring rhythms to bring kindness into your calendar

  • Schedule your calendar audit ($197 value)

    As soon as you sign up for the course schedule your 1:1 calendar audit to make space in your calendar ASAP

  • Access to the 2022 Prep Party ($55 value)

    Grab your planner and let's set up for the new year together!

  • Complete step-by-step personalized plan

    Be confident in the steps that you set up knowing that your accountability coach is here to keep you on track with what you aspire for your next level

  • Social Media Personalized Plan ($333 Value)

    This bonus includes my exact process of how I set up a month worth of content and how I manage my social media blocks of time in my calendar. Be one of the first inside this course as I guide you to create your own content pillars, and your own manageable schedule that will help establish your authority and your social media presence

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  • What is the 6 week call schedule like?

    All of the videos will roll out a week at a time starting Sunday, January 16, 2022. All videos will be released every Sunday at 6 am MST and include a live Q&A at 7 pm that evening.

  • Are there other calls outside of the Q&A that I'll have to add to my calendar?

    You will be invited to all of the Sunday setup sessions that happen every evening. Join me LIVE as I set up for the upcoming week. Bring your warm drinks and planners as we make space for the things that matter! Moon Clearings will also be included inside of the portal.

  • Where can I access all of these videos?

    You will get access to all the videos inside of your learning portal. Every week will include your Mindful Time call + Q&A recording + Sunday setup recording + Moon Clearings + weekly card reading for the collective

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes, always! Please message for a 3-month ($111/month) plan or a 6-month ($55.50/month)

  • What does Tarot have to do with Time?

    I like to think of these sessions as the second opinion of intuition. I use Tarot in all my sessions as a way to clear and gain clarity. You will also be invited to moon clearing sessions throughout the course.

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Early Bird pricing until November 30

What comes next?

Are you ready to see what happens when you lead with kindness?

Cuz here's the secret: Kindness Drives Change. 

When you SHOW up for yourself in these classes I'll be there on the other side, cheering you on, holding you accountable to your goals and helping you create your own self-care rhythms to make sure you don't burn out.

Ready for the best year of your life? 


1 Hour of planning can save 10 hours of doing. So let's plan and do it together. 

 This is the BEST THING to help you level up your dreams for the new year.

 What is possible for your business and your life when you add Mindful Time? I've used these same tools in my own life for years and now my clients use them too to quit their jobs, to start their business, to level the F up! Cuz I get it, you are driven and have a heart of gold that is ready to serve the world. It's hard doing it on your own, and you don't have to. Inside of the course, I'm excited to not only share these tools but also offer 1:1 coaching so that you can soundboard without guilt and build your own map to your mountain top. You ready? Cuz I sure am! 

Pricing options

Early Bird pricing until Nov 30