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  • 1:1 coaching and on-going support from KDC

  • new courses and bundles available

  • Group coaching calls where we go through a different course together

  • a private community just for us

  • discount codes for future courses in the classroom when you join the mastermind

  • Do the courses at your own pace and practice self-coaching

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  • Mindful Me

    This bundle will give you the tools to start your own mindful practice. Get things moving with a 30 day journal challenge + a 7 day meditation challenge This option gives you access to a community of like minded people to have conversations about change and celebrate together.

  • Kind Feelings Foundation

    For the human that is ready to feel their feelings with purpose. Great for parents, caregivers, teachers and anyone that is done with the numb. In this course you'll expand your emotional vocabulary, work through challenges and find the superpower your feelings hold.

  • Mindful Time

    June cohort sign up now open! Let's get clear on goals and find the time to actually make it all happen. KDC will share what is costing us time and how we can make more time through mindful habits and techniques.

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Mindfulness Relationship Coach

Kristina del Corro

I'm KDC your guide, your teacher, your neighbourhood friendly neighbourhood Mindfulness Mentor. For more than a decade I have been studying and practicing mindfulness in my life and in my work. And by tapping into this superpower I have been able to start my business, still work a Corporate job, and still have time for myself and those I love. I even planned our COVID wedding in only 3 months with little stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Learn about my tools and put them into practice with my Mindful Time course. After years of my own Emotional Investigations I learned the clues and power hidden in my feelings and I am so excited to help guide you through the 4 feeling myths inside the Kind Feelings Foundation. In this safe space we know and believe that Kindness Drives Change and when we pair it with Mindfulness we can move mountains. Choose your own adventure with the KDC Classroom or join the Mastermind where we will do the hard work together 🍃Mindfulness Mentor & Implementation Coach 📣 Speaker & Mindful Community Leader 🧘🏽‍♀️ Children & Youth Yoga instructor 🎙 Podcast Host @Emotional Investigations ✅ Want to get more done? 🗓 Want to make more time? 👏🏽 Ready to get unstuck? 🙀 Here’s the secret: kindness drives change I use easy to learn habits and practices to let you bring more kindness to yourself, your past, and your future to accelerate the change you desire and can't even dream of. 🤓 Ready for a new way to set goals and stay accountable to yourself? See you inside the classroom


  • When can I sign up for courses?

    Right now the only course sign up deadline is for the Mindful Time June Crew (Sign up by June 19th, 2021) Otherwise you can sign up for any course at any time! 🤓

  • What is different in the mastermind?

    The mastermind is the sacred space for humans that want to do a deep dive in the KDC Classroom. Every season I will guide us through 1 of the courses as we do the hard work together. You also get access to ALL the courses inside the classroom for 1 monthly price 🤗

  • Which course should I start with if I wanna take things at my own pace?

    Start with the Kind Feelings Foundation. This course is great for parents, caregivers, teachers, humans trying to understand their feelings 💖

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