Habits last longer than goals

Learn the fastest and easiest way to make habits that last and don't require ANY motivation!

Looking to take your habits to the next level? This course covers 8 modules of habit design and troubleshooting plus one on one support from KDC.

Kindness Drives Change and in this course, we are bringing the change to our calendars 🙌🏼

By the end of this course, you will have

 ✅  the understanding of how habits and behaviour are developed 

 ✅  more confidence in your habits as they won't require any motivation or will power 

 ✅ the confidence to see your time thief and turn to your self=caring rhythm to keep your grounded

This space is for you if

you are a driven human that is ready for change. Your WHY is clear but you need support with the HOW

  • You are ready to stop relying on motivation to build and sustain habits

  • You are a multi-passionate human ready to find focus and alignment

  • You are ready to take small steps towards your big goals

  • You are ready to be excited by your calendar instead of overwhelmed

What people are saying

I was eagerly hoping for the weekend to finish so I could get started on the next phase of Mindful Habits, with your guidance.


As I approach age 76 I've learned that I can still do my habits easily because they can be done so quickly. KDC helped me create a wonderful momentum that led to such useful and productive techniques! I can't recommend working with her more

I'm a master habiteer now!


I learned that happiness is a skill, and that you can be happier with the right habits.

I know with mindful habits, anything is possible


It's been my pleasure to learn tiny habits with you. With the help of these email programs, I've made massive changes and reached a level of stability previously unimagined. You have my sincerest thanks for being part of the program.

My habits are so automatic, the KDC method has changed everything!"


The "start your day ritual" became my favorite (and most automatic). It helps me have a great start to my day that my time thief beliefs can't penetrate!

Change isn't as scary as I thought


It is empowering to be able to feel successful quickly and easily. I know now that I am a person who can change and has the right to be happy.

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When you enroll during the special you'll get a few extra perks including:

  • 8 Mindful Habit Modules

    Showing you how to create mindful habits and self-caring rhythms to bring kindness into your calendar.

  • 1:1 Tiny Habits Coaching Call ($444 value)

    After the second module drops we will hop on a call and dive deep into your own Tiny Habits you've been working on to create more time.

  • Access to the 2022 Prep Party ($55 value)

    Grab your planner and let's set up for the new year together!

  • Life time access

    You will forever and always have access to this course. Feel confident knowing that whenever the course is updated you will be able to dive back in!

  • Quarter 4 Journal Jam party invite

    Join KDC in this LIVE webinar as we set up our calendars and habits for the rest of the year. ($55 value)

  • 30 + Tiny Habit Recipes for more time

    Hack my habits using these tested and proven Tiny Habits for more time, focus, organization and productivity.

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Pricing options

choose the path that is most supportive DM for more options

Join us as we recommit to kindness in our calendars.

What you'll find on the inside

  • Community of support

    Inside this platform, we will have a private community for just us. It will be a place for us to ask questions, vent when we need to, encourage and meet with one another.

  • Downloads

    Level up your habits game with the materials provided in every module of the course. Find clarity by doing the work and creating new supportive habits. And over 30 Tiny Habit recipes for more time!

  • Monthly Q+A Calls

    We will meet in real time to ask questions, rework recipes, celebrate and come together in community

Pricing options


  • What is the course schedule like?

    All of the videos will roll out a week at a time going live on MONDAY.

  • What do I need to add to my calendar?

    Choose the time that will work best for you to absorb content and do a bit of soulwork alongside. Monday's is when the next module is live Thursday Q+A call 8 pm MST

  • Where can I access all of these videos?

    You will get access to all the videos, our community and downloads all inside of your learning portal of the KDC Classroom.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes, always! Please contact me via email [email protected]

  • What does Tiny Habits have to do with Time?

    As a Tiny Habits certified coach I have seen the value of these small steps in the life of my clients as well as my own. When you learn the recipe you'll be making time, gain momentum all WITHOUT motivation or willpower.

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What comes next?

Are you ready to see what happens when you lead with kindness?

Cuz here's the secret: Kindness Drives Change. 

When you SHOW up for yourself in these classes I'll be there on the other side, cheering you on, holding you accountable to your habits, and helping you create your own self-care rhythms to make sure you don't burn out.

Ready for the best year of your life? 


Mindful Habits are the fastest and surest way to create habits without motivation or willpower

 What is possible for your business and your life when you add Mindful Habits? I've used these same tools in my own life for years and now my clients use them too to quit their jobs, to start their business, to level the F up! 

Cuz I get it, you are driven and have a heart of gold that is ready to serve the world. It's hard doing it on your own, and you don't have to. Inside of the course, I'm excited to not only share these tools but also offer 1:1 coaching so that you can soundboard without guilt and build your own map to your mountain top. You ready? Cuz I sure am! 

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